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19th Album
Due this

"Between the sacred and profane
Nobody hears me chant your name"



New Album Preview, Live

April 2, 2024

Charlotte presents an evening playing songs from her upcoming 19th album, welcoming your feedback during her live performance via the chat section.

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EP Review, Higher Plain Music

September 16, 2023

Simon from Higher Plain Music rates K&B 9/10 and recommends "Everything", a song Charlotte co-wrote with Jim Clay

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New EP, Knives & Bouquets

August 4, 2023

New EP by Charlotte, initially previewed at her June 11 live show at Knitting Factory NoHo officially releases today


If directly supporting the artist is your style, Bandcamp is the way to go

HuffPost Personal

February 26, 2023

With many thanks to Noah, Charlotte's HuffPost Personal piece is now published and we are humbled to share.

I Signed A Big Record Deal And Thought I'd Made It. I Had No Idea What I Was About To Face.

"I had finally done it ... The world was finally hearing my music, and I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, that feeling didn’t last long."

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