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  • Guide beginning to advanced singers in use their vocal instrument with strength, artistry, and confidence to create beautiful, elegant, dramatic, and powerful tones 

  • Teach graceful control, imaginative and poetic delivery in song as well as help singers refine their rhythmical, technical and, sensitive interpretations of music

  • To help musicians build muscle memory and technical abilities

  • Teach singers to find his/her unique voice and channel the divine through their music on whatever level or capacity they choose 

  • Develop and nurture the artist in each student

  • Communicating through music as an artist, composer, pianist, songwriter, and singer is a superpower I hope to help each musician acheive as authentically and genuine as possible! The world needs your art and voice! Let me help you fall in love with your voice, music, and songwriting...



Charlotte provides students a practical approach to improve singing regardless of age, experience or music education. In addition to vocal lessons, she provides instruction on composition and songwriting to interested students. It is the repetitive vocal breath training and exercises which play the most important role in building good vocal technique and developing the voice. The training is gradually transferred into songs and/or songwriting. In the beginning weeks and months, short bursts of practice are recommended. Those singers organized and disciplined to rehearse will have the greatest success. They will have musical self confidence for singing in choirs, as soloists, community theater programs, chamber ensembles, in clubs/theaters, in the recording studio, on television taped/live, and any other audience imaginable. They will gain deeper appreciation for singing in general and develop an overall better speaking/stage presence. They will also gain self confidence in front of groups of people and audiences which can be carried over into any kind of profession from education to the corporate world.


  • Classical Voice

  • Contemporary Voice

  • Advanced Classical Voice

  • Advanced Contemporary Voice

  • Songwriting Coaching

  • Piano Lessons

  • Voice Lessons For Kids

  • Music Business and Artist Development

  • Stage Presence

  • Production and Programming

  • Audition Prep, Show Prep, Tour Prep

  • Co-writing

  • Harmonizing and Arranging

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